Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All dogs are to be fully vaccinated with at least a C5 vaccination 2 weeks prior to boarding. Vaccination certificates must be sighted on arrival. Any dog not vaccinated accordingly will be refused.

Bavarian Lodge Kennel has the right to refuse entry of any animal. Dogs declared “dangerous” will not be accepted.

In case of an emergency, or I’m uncontactable, I authorise and instruct management to transport my pet to a vet hospital to receive necessary treatment. All vet fees are to be paid in full before discharge . If owner still uncontactable the vet decision is final.

The maximum boarding period without payment is 2 weeks. 50% deposit must be paid for periods longer than this. Any pets boarded more then 2 weeks without payment or not collected within 10 days of said departure date will be declared abandoned and disposed of at Bavarian Lodge Kennel discretion. Legal proceedings will be taken for any monies outstanding.

Under no circumstances will Bavarian Lodge Kennel be held responsible for Paralysis Tick, Kennel Cough, Injury, Sickness, Death or Loss during your pets stay at Bavarian Lodge Kennel.

If I instruct Bavarian Lodge Kennel to board my dogs in twinshare accommodation I take full responsibility of any incidents that may happen whilst boarding, eg dog fights. I agree to pay any vet fees in full that may incur.

Bavarian Lodge Kennel will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any property admitted eg leads, collars, toys and bedding.