Exercise Program

At Bavarian Lodge Kennels, we pride ourselves on professional care for your dog. With over 36 years experience, you can rest assured that your dog is in loving hands.

At Bavarian Lodge Kennels we provide an exercise program to suit your dog’s physical needs on our securely fenced, off leash exercise paddock, which includes a very large play pond shallow enough for any playful pooch to splash around, swim, fetch sticks or simply lay down to get their belly wet. Our off leash exercise paddock is roughly 50m x 110m. Our moto is letting “dogs be dogs”. If they want to run around and burn off energy there is plenty tennis balls and sticks to fetch along with ample amount of space to stretch their legs. Alternatively, if they are happy walking around the paddock with their nose down sniffing and exploring their new surroundings and all the new scents that come with it. We let your dog decide how they would like to spend their time out on the exercise paddock whilst we supervise and enjoy your dogs company.