At Bavarian Lodge Kennels, we pride ourselves on professional care for your dog. With over 36 years experience, you can rest assured that your dog is in loving hands.

At Bavarian Lodge Kennels we have three different types of accommodation to suit your dog’s needs.
Our most popular accommodation is spacious enough to house dogs coming to stay with us from the same family to be able to be housed together and therefore make their stay more relaxing and enjoyable for both the owner and the dogs. These kennels are also suited to any dog. We have spacious outdoor yards to accommodate your dog. Our yards are 10m long X 3m wide and have rows of brick paving surrounding the perimeter of the yard with sand in the centre of the yard so your dog can dig in the sand however the brick paving prevents the dog from being able to dig their way out. Fully refurbished kennel along with warm comfortable blankets are situated within the yard which means your dog has the freedom to roam around their yard or relax in their comfortable warm kennel whenever they desire. Over the top of the yards there is a canopy covered with shade cloth and this also has a water misting system attached so your dog can enjoy the cool water misting down on the sand to cool both the yards and the dogs down on a hot summers day.
Our second set of accommodation is suited for those dogs that are scared of thunder and lightning storms. These secure kennels sized 5m X 3m with a cement floor, wall’s and secure steel mesh. There is a suspension bed with warm blankets situated in the secure kennel for comfort and security along with air conditioning for total comfort.

Our last set of accommodation is suited for smaller dogs. There is outdoor brick paved day yards that are 6m X 4m that also has a kennel with warm blankets. There is also an enclosed night kennel with suspension bed and warm blankets so your dog feels more enclosed during the nights.